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Protection against the unexpected for you and your family

How would you or your family cope financially in the event of a long term illness or unexpected death? - This could be the greatest financial risk you will have. It is your income that will enable you to buy your house, educate your children and even plan for your retirement in the years ahead. So other than your mortgage, protection policies such as Income Protection, Illness Cover and Life Assurance may be the most important things to consider.

At Milestone Advisory, we will look at the overall picture to ensure that you have the right cover at the right levels; we will continue to assess and restructure this as your circumstances change.

Business Protection: Keyman cover

Keyman cover can be taken out by a business to compensate for any financial loss that could arise from the death or extended incapacity of an important member of the business. Have you identified a key person within the organisation? Talk to us about how this cover can protect your business.

Group Insurance for employees and key staff

Milestone Advisory has experience broking Life & Income Protection policies for staff in the construction and related industries.
Does your Employee Benefits package include Life Cover and Income Protection? Which do you consider to be the most beneficial to your employees? Traditionally, Life Cover is the first thing considered as an important part of the package. Nowadays, people are living much longer; however, they may experience a long or short term illness – Who will continue to pay their income?


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