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Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is an important consideration throughout your working life.

As early as possible, you should set a retirement income goal and continue to work towards that, reviewing and revising as you go, to ensure that you are on track to meet your stated goals. Milestone Advisory can ensure that you achieve this.

• We can help you establish how much income you are likely to require in your retirement in real terms.

• Determine the amount of annual or monthly retirement income your assets should provide, compared with your retirement income goals.

• Put a structured suitable plan in place to bridge any gaps, while maximising tax reliefs available.

• Help you maximise your tax free lump sum.

• Help you choose the appropriate retirement vehicle: ARF Vs Annuity.

• At retirement we will assess your financial objectives and advise you of the most suitable options available to you and implement this in line with your future requirements and attitude and ability to bear investment risk.

• After you retire, if you decide on the ARF route, Milestone Advisory will continue to work with you and we will focus on maintaining your retirement income stream. This will be achieved by managing and monitoring the investment performance of your assets to ensure that your income is maintained in retirement.