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Savings & Investments

Whether you are saving to accumulate a lump sum, or already have a lump sum to invest, Milestone Advisory can guide you.

When it comes to both a long term savings strategy and an investment strategy, there are a number of factors that each individual should take into account.  These of course will differ greatly from person to person.  At Milestone Advisory we will ensure that you achieve your stated goal, with most appropriate solution tailored to your own specific needs.

Having established your objectives when it comes to your finances, Milestone Advisory would then recommend the savings and/or investment product most suited to you, taking into account: 

• Your current financial requirements
• Your future financial objectives
• Your time horizon to achieve your stated objective
• Your ability to understand and tolerate investment risk
Taking the above into consideration along with other aspects of your financial requirements, Milestone Advisory will recommend the products and investment strategies most suited to you.
To discuss this in greater detail, please contact us today.